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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: so what did you think? that was your first one. >> that was pretty amazing. invigorating. craig: well, i don't use the big words, but thank you. >> i kind of figured. craig: yeah. so -- [laughter] you feel you're ready to take over? [laughter] >> not ready . craig: you're not ready? >> not ready. craig: i don't know, man. i think it might be time. yeah, in fact it is. i'm going to go. you finish the show. [laughter] all right?
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it will be cool. just relax. you can do it. you can do it. now, the only thing to remember is, remember, remember, don't uh-oh. [laughter] i'll see you. you finish up. tell them to have a nice weekend is, something like that. be good. wait until i leave. >> wait until you leave. oh. good night, everybody. [applause] how would i make school a better place? field trips to the zoo! more basketballs. soccer balls. and a museum!
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or go online. for two victims in a deadl spree. how friends we love you. and we will never forget you. >> a tearful vigil for two victims in a deadly murder spree. how friends and family are remembering their coworkers. >> community fighting to keep e cons out -- excons out of their neighborhood. that small plane lifted from a lagoon. the next step into an investigation in a crash that killed three people. the wife of a wounded police officer offers a very public thank you. how the officer is doing a week after being shot in the line of duty. >> the news starts now.
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investigators working that bay area murder mystery will face heaps of trash again tomorrow. they will be out in a landfill tomorrow morning looking for a body in which could be the fifth victim in a case. a man that could provide answers appeared no court today. tonight a community is remembering two of the victims. don was at the shopping center where they were murdered. >> reporter: at this vigil tonight the lives behind those names became touchingly real. two of those were killed in the violence in five or six lives were well liked of this well known glen cove community. >> it's to those who lost their lives in violence. >> reporter: devyn salon.
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>> they have truly touched your lives as well. >> reporter: coworkers, friends, and neighbors held this vigil between the two businesses. >> they are all friends. >> reporter: any thoughts on this? >> i hope she rests in peace. >> reporter: because many knew cindy tran as jennny they were shocked to learn he was the one that was killed. >> i was in shock when i heard about it. and that's why i wanted to come down today and give my respect because she was a beautiful person. >> reporter: police say suspect efren val more row did napped tran and killed her in her car. 33-year-old carlos was regarded as a grandfather figure. >> i was hoping it wasn't him.
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i called my husband and i told him about it. i was very sad. >> reporter: there were lighter memories as well. >> i had my nephew cut my hair. he's not very good. when i came back, she said who let cut your hair? >> reporter: they want you to remember them not how they died but how they lived. >> we will love you and we will never forget you. >> reporter: funds to benefit the four sons of cindy tran have been started at the wells fargo bank. investigators will be back at a landfill tomorrow searching for the son of the one of the victims in the murder spree. they have 3,000 tons of garbage to go through. they made it halfway through today. frederick salas has been missing for more than a week.
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he may have been killed by efren. a suspect in sales murder. an escalade that valdemoro was found driving was found there. 72-year-old charles rittenhouse pleaded not guilty to charges of having explosive devices. his attorney said he had nothing to do with the murder of his wife and friend. the lawyer also said that she has reason to believe the bodies were place at the house some time tuesday the bay of -- the day of his arrest. >> why did he wait five days to report his wife miss something >> he and his wife had different work schedules. plus because of the fact that mr. valdemoro would fill his wife car, his wife would leave the car at a friends house.
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>> why didn't rittenhouse call the police? >> he has not been charged in the killings. just in the connection of chemicals found. livermore police are looking for a teenager of beating a 89-year-old woman. this is the sketch of a boy that is 13 he calls himself cameron. he tells the victim he was in the 7th grade. he approached the woman when she was walking on a path on tuesday. he said she wanted to show her something off the path. the boy used an object to repeatedly strike the woman's head. he got away on a push scooter and she has been released from the hospital. tonight friends celebrated the life of a 13-year-old boy killed in oakland a week and a
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half ago. the memorial for jimon clark was held at the bible college where he spent many days. jimon was buried earlier today. he was shot while walking with his 15-year-old brother. a $15,000 reward is being offered in this case. also tonight the city of oakland is set to be get a new patroly center. now some people are cig the location -- some people are saying the location makes sense. linda on why many people think that neighborhood is a bad idea. >> reporter: oakland's north gate neighborhood is an area along telegraph avenue and working to improve its image. plans for a patroly reporting center isn't getting a huge reception. many neighbors are scared and angry. >> it's a question of whether you got a neighborhood that is already kind of economicically
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fragile. how will this effect? there is a bakery that will open across the state. there are a couple medical facilities. can we really say the people will be safe? >> reporter: rehabilitation and treatment program wants to help patrol lees here. >> we are not importing patrole,s. >> center point case managers say the people they want to help want to give up crime. >> the participants actually start to take ownership of the program. so people tend to not come around and do crime in that area. they know they are people pretty serious about getting their live together >> reporter: the plan is to have the center open 365 days a year serving 80 to 100 patrolees a day.
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it's a great idea. not in this neighborhood. gonzalez opened up a new restaurant. he is worried. >> i'm concerned about the loitering and panhandling. they don't have money or jobs. >> reporter: they have rules where they can't do that. >> so they think. >> not in this neighborhood. would you like it in your neighborhood? >> reporter: the neighborhood has ten days to appeal the approval of the center. in oakland linda yeast. checking other news making headlines around the bay area. a wreckage of a small plane that crashed in a lagoon was pulled from the water. the body of the two people killed in that crash were still inside including world war ii pilot and record businessman. the wreckage will be moved to a wear house in sacramento to be
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expected by federal investigators. a helicopter pilot has survived two brushes with death. first when he crashed the chopper upside down and again when the big rig managed to avoid slamming into the wreckage 37 frank told investigators he became disoriented and lost control of the helicopter around 9:00 a.m.. chopper five was over sason bay when boaters were stranded. it was too dark for the coast guard to reach them last night. they waited until sunrise. the family went to the hospital to be checked out and everybody is okay. a 12-year-old student in davis is fighting with his school over a tee shirt. 12-year-old zach fisher is an award winning trap shooter. after a recent competition he
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wore a tee shirt saying i love the smell of gun powder in the morning. the school said it's inappropriate. he will fight for his son's right to wear it. a smoky fire in the east bay. a quick response that kept a bad situation from getting out of hand. people across the bay area giving blood for a police officer suffering from gunshot wounds. staying in a hotel. i got bitten by bedbugs. >> it might seem like they are everywhere. now a way to protect yourself. 17 degrees. it was up to 17 degrees cooler on the bay area today. blame it on this area here and how that will effect your how that will effect your holiday as ,, 3q
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falls court. it took firefighters about half an hour fire scorched a pleasant vail home this evening. it took firefighters half an hour to get the fire under control. the fire broke out in the garage though no word yet how it started. no injuries were reported. the wife of a wounded fremont police officer is showing her appreciation tonight for the public support her husband has received. he was shot last week when he was trying to make an arrest.
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>> reporter: cole young -- nicole young got the call. >> he told me he was at highland hospital and he was okay he got hit in the leg. >> reporter: and then she heard this grim new from doctors. >> they didn't think he was going to make it off the operating table. and my whole life turned upside down. >> reporter: from that moment on she has been by her husband's bedside. trauma doctors have worked miracles around the clock to save him and the community has rallied more than expected donating blood. >> you can't always predict the future. he is certainly not out of the woods. >> reporter: the day officer young was shot in the grown by an oakland gang suspect now in custody, his fellow officers came to his rescue rushing him to the hospital by patrol car. doctors say that is one of the reasons he's still alive today. >> they are truly heros.
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i'm very proud of my husband for what he does. >> reporter: doctors say officer young has had several surgeries. his wife says she talks to her husband on a daily basis delivering this message to him. >> that i love him and i want to bring him home to our kids. they miss him. he is strong. he's very strong. we have a long life ahead of us. so he is going to pull through. >> reporter: the red cross said many first time blood donors have come up to donate for officer young. 20-year-old andrew beyetos
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suspected of shooting officer young is back in alameda county. he confessed to the shooting of the officer who was tried to serve him with a domestic violence warrant. he is set to be arraigned next week on ten felonies including attempted murder. tonight a montana teenager is learning the dangers of texting firsthand. authorities say he was looking for pot. hit a wrong number on his phone and accidentally sent this text to the sheriff's department. hey, dog, do you have a $20 i can buy right now? a detective pretending to be a dealer set up a meeting. the boy showed up with a friend and both were stunned to learn that their contact was law enforcement official. the detective got the boys parent involved and decided not to press charges. i think he learned a lesson. >> i'm thinking so. to text better or what? [ laughter ] just kidding. all right here is the scene
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this evening. out over the bay today we had temperatures between 66-degrees in san francisco to 96 degrees in livermore. low clouds and fog pinpoint forecast here you have it. the clouds sweeping in to the tribe valley in the overnight hours. nobody is going to see it. the clouds begin to retreat across the bay and play tag during the afternoon hours with the immediate seashore. this is interesting. we do have this trough to the north of us. this is what has been enhancing our marine layer. by sunday afternoon this is going to move duest. it will allow warmer temperatures. otherwise statewide for your saturday triple digits in fresno. 96-degrees in ukiya. meanwhile, tonight overnight with the blanket of low clouds,
1:57 am
patchy fog, temperature rebounding 60 to 70 around the beaches. it was 96 in livermore. tomorrow 91 degrees. 70 through richmond and berkeley. if you are heading through the tribe valley on sunday and monday, it's the very vest wine celebration. a lot of sunshine. be prepared for up to 95 degrees. 88- degrees in say know ma. now our -- my pick of the night happens to be from ray kline. he was easily able to define the low clouds there. keep the photos coming to my pix. we want to see our holiday pictures. you notice the clouds and up to 70 degrees by monday at the coast. and clearing up to 82 on monday. bay side how about a couple
1:58 am
extra days as we head back to work on tuesday. it's going to feel like autumn with a deepening marine layer. even drizzle. right now it's almost like one last blast of summer which does transpire over the holiday weekend. >> wear white until tuesday. >> i guess so. those white shoes will have to go. [ laughter ] have a safe holiday. thanks. thanks. >> a ,,,,,,,,,,
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the source of a smelly problem at the san jose airport has been found. people have been complaining about the odor for months. now the mercury news reports says it's coming from a broken sewer line. the smell mostly impacted office areas. crews have put a temporary fix on the pipe and the smell has mostly gone away. also in san jose the statue of an evil spirit has vanished.
2:01 am
it's not the first time. for years it stood atop a pedestal at the montgomery theater. the statue was being stored a the the san jose civic auditorium awaiting repairs when it went missing. it was stolen back in 1982 and appeared two weeks later. . >> sleep tight and don't let the bugs bud bite. now it's not so cute. allen martin on how you and the kids can avoid the tiny pets while traveling. >> they made their way into their homes, hotels, and headlines along the nation. this man kills them. america's public enemy number one. >> right now there is a huge up spring in america. you could go to new york, cincinnati, your chances
2:02 am
getting them are just as good as if you went to a foreign country. >> dan is a busy man. in this day he works in a bay area hotel to remove bedbugs. travelers are more at risk. >> going to the movie theater or laundry mat. >> bedbug is a website that posts reports of bedbug sitings. the sites founders give a personal reason for creating the page. >> i was staying in a hotel and i got bitten by bedbugs. >> search for reports by a hotel name, address or city maps. >> you can report you have seen bedbugs or see if anybody has filed a report for that place. >> reporter: the on line source has received some criticism. all posted reports are user submitted and unverified. asked the public health
2:03 am
department for its -- the bedbug registry is clearly an unreliable industry. a website reporting is misleading, unfair, enwrong. the website's founder says the website is unverified. >> try to keep malicious use people out of the sight. >> simon's offered tips to check for bedbugs. >> take your luggage. put it in the bathroom on the cold surface or tub. you don't want to bring your stuff into the room or closet. >> in san francisco allen martin cbs 5. after a perfect preseason the niners make their final roster cuts and the dodgers were all that stood between the were all that stood between the giants gaining in the game ,,,,, 3q
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finish jet dry rinse agent. finish. the diamond standard. i can't let her go on stage like this! she needs resolve max. with twice the stain-fighting power, it starts to remove the stain... right before your eyes. (lab girl) trust resolve. forget stains. and hasn't won on the road since cinco de mayo... barry zito started the season 5-0. fast forward four months he's 8-11 and hasn't won on the road since cinco day mio. new dodgers catcher rod bah are vas welcomes himself to the rivalry. 16th of the season. the giants have a catcher of their own that can drive in runs. posey drives in a run. bottom of the fourth. barry zito walked the bases loaded and chad billingsly made
2:07 am
him pay. the dodgers pitcher with the big out. zito lasted four innings and loses his fifth straight start. but bud black and the first place padres weren't able to gain a game on the giants. jason giambi goes deep off corey. the rockies win 4-3. san diego has now lost eight straight. the giants remain three games behind the padres in the west. they fall three games behind the phillies for the wild card. dallas braden telling gonzalez don't worry we are back home. we're not playing the yankees anymore. he strikes out six in six shutout innings and wins the third straight start to improve 13-8. the bats woke up in the seventh. how about this your cliff pennington play of the game. hits his first homer in 355 at
2:08 am
bats. they beat the angels 8-0. the niners made their final cut today trimming their roster from 75 to 53. michael robinson and jason hill. in case you haven't done your draft yet. roethlisberger and suspension reduced to four games. big ben was supposed to be suspended for six. opening round of the championship justin leonard can keep the putter in the bag on 18. zach johnson and day are tied. of course the closer brian wilson takes the extra point. number three arizona and toledo. comes down with it. beats toledo 41-2. nyjer morgan
2:09 am
was suspended. and your number one play of the night. heading to the round of 16 for the open. lit be hard to top this shot. she does her best rouge earn federer im-- roger freder impression. you can see him at 11:00 that's when the u.s. open starts. eight hours from now. >> yeah. why don't we stay up? all nighter. ,,

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